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Caroline Kimball / Owner / Savvy Stylist

An artist herself, owner Caroline Kimball employs her own unique sense of fashion to become your very own personal stylist. She offers advice that translates not just within the shop but into your home for one-on-one consultations. This unique service, combined with a dynamic selection of prices, makes SavVy a one-of-a-kind boutique.

Caroline and her experienced SavVy team travel from New York to LA to hand select a mix of ageless classics, everyday pieces, and hard-to-find designers, while preserving Greenville’s distinctive style. 

Celia Davis / Savvy Stylist / Buyer

From an early age, Celia could be found scouring the magazines for the latest trends, helping style her 4 sisters, and creating a one of a kind look she could call her own. With a background in marketing, and a stint studying in Italy, the road was paved for a life in fashion. Upon her move to Greenville, her love affair with fashion landed her in the retail world. Her easy going nature and ability to connect with the customers individual needs, combined with a knack for fashion, made her the perfect fit for Savvy as the head buyer and manager.

Come shop with Celia and see her gift in action... you'll be sure to have her on speed dial for all your wardrobe needs.

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