Savvy’s Top 12 Spring Trends for 2011...

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1. Eclectic Chic. A creative trend which relies on you to be unique and bold. Mixing loads of different styles in one, creating high contrast outfits, for example abstract graphics and contrasting prints. The whole basis of eclectic chic is for you to create your own inventions through your personality and individualism as a fashionista.


2. Bold colors. When used intelligently can create a daring and interesting look. When it comes to using bold, vibrant colors it is important to create a look that attracts attention in a positive way without coming on as too strong.


3. Pajama Dressing. Not the most practical of trends but pajama dressing is set to hit every must have list for women over the up and coming year. But as easy as the idea seems, you also want it to be tailored and elegant enough to read as style, not that you’re giving up on the world and shuffling your way down the street in your pjs.


4. Minimalist White. Perhaps the most powerful and influential tendency of the minimalist trend is the minimalist white fashion trend made popular by Michael Kors. White is the perfect alternative when it comes to creating minimal yet perfectly polished looks. The simple tailoring designs as well as the refined fabric use all contribute to the relaxed and simplistic allure of these outfits.    


5. ’70s glamour. Just as the ’50s and ’60s are back, so too are particular elements of the ’70s. There are two main aesthetics: ’70s bohemian, and ’70s sophisticated glamour-think dresses that fall like shimmering water in the evening and high-waist pants with elegant blouses by day.

6. Biker clothing. For spring 2011, the military fashion trend will have been with us for over a decade. Along with the military trend comes biker chic clothing: the trend that’s been living in its shadow, waiting for its moment of glory. And for spring and summer 2011 it’s finally making a name for itself in the fashion world… Get excited, here comes the biker trend! 


7. Lace clothing. No, it’s not new. But, like all trends that span multiple seasons, it has evolved. Lace influences for spring 2011 are more to the classic side with quality antique-style fabrics. But the key to this trend is less of the allover, stretch lace and more of the unique takes.

8. Wide Leg Pants. With skinny pants and jeans now so common that they no longer make a statement it was inevitable that a different style would emerge as a trend. It didn’t necessarily have to be this one, but with the come back of all things 1970s it was inevitable that fashion forward people would turn to bell bottoms as their style of choice.

9. Tail hems: dresses longer at the back. They’ve been seen as an alternative to the summer mini skirt or maxi dress for sometime, and for spring/ summer 2011 ‘tail hems’ continue their reign as the more interesting alternative to both.

10. Stripes. A dominant part of any spring/summer season, though usually featuring a variation on the theme. Spring 2011 sees stripes with an unsurprising nautical dominance - but it’s a dominance inspired by other key spring 2011 fashion trends.

11. Jumpsuits & rompers. They’re something of a yoyo trend: one season they’re in, the next season they’re out. For spring/summer 2011 they’re back again, reinterpreted to fuse in many of the season’s other fashion trends!


12. Kitten heels. Theyare making a somewhat controversial return, spurred on by the trend of ’50s and ’60s dressing. Kitten heels can work particularly well when dainty, pointed, and either retro-inspired or minimalist. When it comes to this style in 2011 it’s all about the theme.




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