Novelty Dresses and Tops

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Eliza J Purple Pencil Dress  DM pocket strapless cocktail dress Strapless Cocktail Dress w/ cardi Silk Leaf Pattern Dress w/ Sash $168

Collective purple print dress Collective purple dress w/ Poleci Cardi Teal Layers Dress $156 Eliza J Teal print Dress

              Collective high waist skirt Collective skirt, hoss blouse, dex cardi Black Bell sleeve dress $156

Poleci Choc. Jersey Dress Nicole Miller Blk Brn Rouched Dress Poleci classic Sheath Dress Poleci stripe jersey dress w/ jewel shoulder

                 Poleci Thatch Print Kimono Top  1520 Gray L/s ruffle blouse Poleci Banded Bottom silk top

                        Collective V berry print blouse Aryn K ruffle zip Top

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